NATURAL. GREEN. ORIGINAL. Premium. Authentic. Above all, our kids truly approved, parents really trusted. Natureally a Singapore Trademark is an importer and distributor that owns various exclusive rights to the products and services of the brands under our care. Started out as a family-run company in 2005. Mainly a back-end re-distributor for Traditional Chinese Medicine health tonics products. We are the pioneer and Singapore first to adopt Vegetable First food and snacks approach for our young children in Singapore and beyond since 2017. Evidently from our curated products since their inception. The company focuses to seek, evaluate and curate all natural food sources across East and Southeast Asia regions. For the scarcity of natural ingredients and wholefood products were a real challenge that we have faced and if they are ever available in the local marketplaces, they would likely be "out-of-reach" to most of the communities and families-at-large, simply they are too expensive. We go to great length to source for a variety of food products that are rich in natural goodness and avoid artificial additives, preservatives and colouring. We evaluate and qualify our suppliers and partners with great care and patience. The main driving force to embark on this journey was mainly driven by the need to source for simple ingredients, straight-forward labels that are readable and comprehensible. As natural as it could possibly be, that are reachable and affordable for the general public and especially the preschooler in Singapore. As the nutrition in the formative years of our young children have a major impact in developing good dietary habits into their teenage years and beyond. We advocate to raise veggie loving kids right from the early stages, no frills and fancies. Our ethos and hopefully yours too. Ensuring core industry standards are complied, their industry practices and performances are consistent, before any collaboration could take shape. This is to assure that the best and not solely on big names and brands are brought forward for distribution. We conduct ourselves as an important role model in your children's dietary need, during the most crucial formative stages without interference. The sweetness that always come right from vegetables first, NOT fruits. We believe we can only be great through meaningful collaboration. For a greater purpose. So, please come forward and let's make a difference, let's get it right parents, together. Stay real, be real. Natureally. #Supportlocal #SupportNatureally #togetherwecan


Ms Qia

My 3 year old loves the sweet potato powder. Due to her multiple food allergies, I would always prepare her food when we go out for meals. The sweet potato would be the easiest thing to bring out. Just the powder and hot water to make mashed sweet potato. Consistency is very smooth.

Sani Jo

I tried all 3 flavours of Brown Rice Grain snacks. I love the taste. It's even more delicious if you mix with it almond, hazel, peanut & cranberries like I do. I don't really like eating grain snacks, but this one is really good...

Rachel Ng

Nice packaging. Cute, Healthy and Tasty product! A different unique taste!

Shanice Pek

Bought 3 small packs of Purple Potato wholegrain snacks to try and my kids finished them up in a day. Have no qualms letting them snack on this as it is a healthy snack. Will definitely repurchase!